Integral to the SkillGRID® platform, the TalentCache portal automates the job candidate selection process by using eLearning to prequalify candidates before they are selected for interviews. With TalentCache, a hiring manager can rank candidates according to their assessment results, resulting in a higher-quality candidate pool, and a simpler hiring process.

The process within TalentCache is easy. Using SkillGRID, hiring managers reach out to candidates with eLearning modules selected from PetroEd’s Oilfield Prequalification program (OPQ). Candidates are given a set time frame to take the OPQ and to complete the assessments. Their progress is monitored and tracked in SkillGRID, and once they are finished the results can be tabulated, ranked and analyzed according to scores and other criteria. This simple process benefits a hiring manager greatly – now they know which candidates are motivated, can work diligently, and are committed to excellence. Ones that don’t follow the process can be passed over.


TalentCache provides you with a list of qualified candidates, and easy tools to analyze their progress and performance in the OPQ program.

Flexible filtering analytics allow you to drill down in many ways to view and high-grade your candidates, decide which ones to bring in for face-to-face interviews, and ultimately present job offers to the select few that meet your criteria.


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